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Insulwatt's Cost and Efficiency benefits have been recognised throughout the manufacturing Industry and is marked by the presentation of the Queen's Award for Environmental Achievment.

The Queen's Award for Environmental Achievement

Insulwatt Insulated Ceramic Heater Bands UK

Insulwatt Band Heaters use a combined heater band and insulated jacket that protects itself, you, and the environment, while at the same time returning enormous energy efficiency savings.

Our patented heater uses the proven core technology of ceramic or mica heaters combined with a highly efficient Teflon coated insulation. This innovation means that they can be deregulated by up to 25% to reduce peak demand, resulting in energy savings of up to 45% and start-up time reductions of around 40% compared with other heater band systems.

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Benefits of Our Insulated Heater Bands

  • Reduction of up to 45% in related Energy Costs
  • 25% reduction in Watt density
  • 30 to 40% faster start up times
  • Enhanced cycle times
  • Reduced wear and tear on Relay Units
  • Complies with BS EN563 Safety directive and ISO14001 Best Practice
  • Returns a fast pay-back time
  • Enhances Health and Safety conditions
  • Maintenance free
  • Cumbersome hot barrel guards can be removed
  • Even heat retention at high temperatures
  • 18 month warranty

Insulwatt Heater Application

We hold a large inventory of stock suitable for most heating, cooling, and process control operations both within the UK and Worldwide. And because Insulwatt Band Heaters actually assist the manufacturing process by eliminating costly variables, they can be used across a huge range of temperature dependant systems including plastic injection moulding (US molding) and extrusion.

More reasons to choose the Insulwatt System:

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