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Insulwatt's Cost and Efficiency benefits have been recognised throughout the manufacturing Industry and is marked by the presentation of the Queen's Award for Environmental Achievment.

The Queen's Award for Environmental Achievement

Case Studies

Band Heater Case Study

Insulwatt Band Heaters were used to produce a comparison between standard fittings and Insulwatt on a 150 Tonne machine over 5 years. The following results were seen:

Energy Cost Comparison

As indicated by the graph below the savings seen using Insulwatt Insulated Band Heaters increases rapidly over a short space of time over time.

Band Heater Savings

Investment Pounds for 5 years

As indicated by the chart below, the investment in Insulwatt Heater Bands was returned multi-fold within a period of just 5 years.

Band Heater Savings

This case study was carried out with Betts & Co Uk and shows the typical savings and return possible with Insulwatt. If you'd like to chat a bit more about Insulwatt or for an appraisal of the savings we can offer you company please use our contact page for the relevant details