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Cartridge Heaters
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Insulwatt's Cost and Efficiency benefits have been recognised throughout the manufacturing Industry and is marked by the presentation of the Queen's Award for Environmental Achievment.

The Queen's Award for Environmental Achievement

Cartridge Heaters

Our cartridge heaters are suitable for applications requiring localized heating and maximum heat transfer under the most testing conditions.

Standard sizes are available but it is imperative that the heaters used are the correct size and deliver the wattage required. Cartridge heaters are often manufactured to meet user’s specific requirements.

If you don't see what you're looking for, ask us - we'll have it!

Quality and reliability is achieved by the heater design and by using the highest grade materials and quality control throughout the whole manufacturing process.

Why you should choose Insulwatt cartridge heaters.

  • We offer high quality cartridge heaters to meet the complete range of cartridge heating applications and can build heaters to meet your specific requirements
  • The swaged design ensures maximum reliability under the most testing operating conditions and at high temperatures
  • Our standard range offers a cost effective solution for less testing applications requiring operation in mid to low watt density range
  • We use only the highest quality nickel-chrome resistance wire
  • Alloy sheaths provide physical strength and resistance to heat oxidation
  • Magnesium oxide is used to ensure maximum heat transfer
  • Ceramic end seals and welded end disks prevent contamination
  • We offer wattage tolerance +5% -10% and resistance tolerance +10% -5%. Closer tolerances are available if required

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