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Insulwatt's Cost and Efficiency benefits have been recognised throughout the manufacturing Industry and is marked by the presentation of the Queen's Award for Environmental Achievment.

The Queen's Award for Environmental Achievement

Mica Heaters

Mica heaters have long been recognised as being both reliable and economical. This product is accepted across many industries as the standard where it is essential to have reliable heat when and where it is most required, and at reasonable cost.

Quality and reliability is achieved by using the highest grade materials and quality control throughout the whole manufacturing process.

Why you should choose Insulwatt mica heaters?

Our mica heater circuits are precision wound using mica formers 50% thicker than used by most other manufacturers. This increases the life of the heaters by reducing the chance of short circuiting due to oxidation.

  • We only use non ferrous or coated materials to ensure mechanical strength and rust resistance
  • All conductor cables are armoured and over rated to reduce risk of failure due to heat annealing.
  • Our mica heaters are recommended for all processes up to 450° C

For processes that exceed 450° C we recommend our ceramic heaters.

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