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Ceramic Heater Bands
Ceramic Heater Band Benefits


Insulwatt's Cost and Efficiency benefits have been recognised throughout the manufacturing Industry and is marked by the presentation of the Queen's Award for Environmental Achievment.

The Queen's Award for Environmental Achievement

Ceramic Knuckle Heaters

Our ceramic heaters, often known as knuckle heaters or ceramic knuckle heaters, are the recognised product for applications requiring very high temperatures and reliable operations.

Ceramic heaters provide even heat distribution and reduced heat loss.

Quality and reliability is achieved by using the highest grade materials and quality control throughout the whole manufacturing process.

Why you should choose Insulwatt ceramic heaters:

  • Our ceramic heaters are wound with multiple 80/20 nichrome circuits. Most manufacturers use single circuits. Single circuit heaters are quick and easy to manufacture but will fail totally if a single coli is compromised.
  • Insulwatt multiple circuit heaters offer improved performance and reliability.
  • Multiple circuits allow a lower watt density per centimeter of wire, significantly reducing failures due to stress and oxidation.
  • Our ceramic heaters are recommended for all processes but are especially suitable for applications that exceed 450° C.
  • For processes up to 450° C our mica heaters may be suitable.

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